Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fused Glass - Margo Foreman

 Welcome to the New Year.  Lets have fun, share ideas and make stuff.

 My name is Margo Foreman and I am a fused glass artist and I love bright colours.

 The fused glass process starts out like stained glass where shapes are cut from flat glass pieces.  

 The first stage is heating the glass  in the kiln at 1500 degrees, the glass melts and runs together.

 The second time in the kiln the temperature is lower and so the glass softens and will take on the shape of a mould. This is also when the glass is annealed and stabilized.
 Glass is a unique medium with which to work, its molecules though appearing solid, are always in motion. Annealing is the part of the fusing process that makes glass hardy and dishwasher safe, food safe and as strong as possible. When annealing glass I keep the glass molecules in their 'happy place' (a specific temperature) for 2 hours. 


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