Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

I'm afraid this post is woefully late in coming, so now it has been transformed into a "Spring" musing, rather than the pre-Easter message it was supposed to be! 

I'm afraid that things that demanded immediate attention just kept "sprouting up" around the homestead, and then there were the drawn out illnesses.  Now that my flu has past, my husband is out of the hospital and his pneumonia is clearing up, the old porch and broken steps are now torn down and replaced with new & level porch with non-broken steps, the overwhelming willow tree threatening my house foundation has been dispatched and carted off, and my cold (that replaced my flu) is starting to clear, NOW I have (just) a moment to catch you up on Textures' happenings over the last month...

In March, Textures and several of its individual members were nominated for Hamilton Tourism Awards.  Award nominations were as follows:
-Textures Craftworks:  Tourism Business of the Year
-Textures Craftworks:  Best Brochure or Promotional Piece
-Sharon Beasley (bookbinder & Textures Treasurer):  Front Line Customer Service Rep of the Year
-Margo Griffith (textile artisan & Textures Core Member):  Volunteer of the Year
-Sandra Rodwell (jewelry artisan & Textures Promotions):  Arts Ambassador of the Year

We did not take home any of the big awards on our first Tourism Awards outing, but it was great to be out and mingling with other folks working in the Hamilton Tourism industry.  If you haven't been to Hamilton before, do consider a visit this spring or summer - we have MUCH more to offer in "Steeltown" than just steel.  Check out the Hamilton Tourism website for ideas and assistance in planing your visit:  And of course, while in Hamilton, make sure to pop into our artisan shop to check out our fine selection of local crafts!

Meanwhile, back at our Locke Street shop, our artisans have been busy creating plenty of original handcrafted gift and home decor items to tickle your fancy this spring:

-handpainted clocks for spring

-colourful pottery with a spring theme

-fused, stained & blown glass in spring colours

-and of course, unique items to express your personal style!

Now that the weather is getting more hospitable, hop on down to Locke St. and see what our artisans have in store for YOU!  I'll be working in the shop on April 17th, so pop in and say "hi"!