Thursday, August 15, 2013

Great Moments of 1983...

What were you doing in 1983? 
If you were like many people, you may have been enjoying the exploits of The Greatest American Hero or The A Team on television...
You may have been listening to Men Without Hats, The Human League, Donna Summer, or Michael Jackson on the radio... 
A young Tom Cruise filled movie theatres (and increased sales of Ray Ban sunglasses) with the release of Risky Business. 
1983 also saw the release of Return of the Jedi, A Christmas Story, WarGames, Flashdance, Strange Brew, and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. 
Wayne Gretzky set an NHL record with a 30-game scoring streak during the 1982-83 season, surpassing Guy Lafleur's record of 28.
The world was transfixed by the antics of another royal baby... 
...or maybe you spent most of 1983 in line to by a Cabbage Patch doll?
Cell phones became popular for the first time, and they were really, REALLY big... 
The final episode of M*A*S*H set records when it aired on February 28... 
On January 1, 1983, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) switched its networking technology, marking the moment that the modern "Internet" came into being...
...But in Hamilton's Hess Village in August of 1983, six talented and energetic craftsmen opened Textures...a combined effort of area artisans. 
Founding members were: Ruth Haig, leather work; Janne Hackl, silk painting and stained glass; Margo Griffith, textile and enamel work; Karen Bottcher, quilter and weaver; Sharon Beasley, bookbinder and leather work; and Hillie Bakker - weaver.
Margo Griffith, Janne Hackl, and Sharon Beasley.

Potter June Barber became a Core Member in 1983.

June Barber, Ruth Haig (seated), Margo Griffith, and Lauch Harrison.


The original location of Textures was at 30 Hess Street.

Several years later, Textures moved up the road to 11 Hess Street.


Finally, in 2000, Textures moved from Hess Village to its current home at 236 Locke Street South. 


Today, 30 years after it all began, you will find more than 50 artisan members at Textures, still holding firm to our original goal of being a self-sustaining, permanent location to feature and sell fine local crafts, in a shop stocked and staffed by the artisans!
Margo Griffith is still serving customers when she can...

Sharon Beasley still keeps everything 'ship-shape'...

...And you will often find June Barber working in the shop...

Because of our hard work and dedication, Textures has been honoured with numerous awards over the years...



We have been featured in the media many times over the years... 



Textures has been a labour of love - for our members ... and our friends!
Lauch Harrison
joined 2000.
Angela Sirrs
joined 2009.
 Sandra Rodwell
joined 1998.
Sumi Nogami
joined 1983.
Beth Paulin
joined 2004.
Vida Rogers
joined 1987. 
Alison Rose
joined 2006.
Ruth Oldham
joined 2003.
Lisa Skog
joined 2006.
Sharon Sutherland-Porter
joined 2013.
Ian Waltenbery
joined 2009.
 Mark Williams, a.k.a. "The Greenbelt Guy"
joined 2011.
Aili Than
joined 2008.
Linda Somerville
joined 2002.
Tracey Brailsford
joined 2004.
Malcolm Cumming
joined 2004.

Barb Russell
joined 2002.

Patti Fortune
joined 2011.

Diane Irons
joined 2009.
Wanda Lane
joined 2010.

Mary Stauber
joined 1996.

Monika Minnis
joined 2011.

Lynne Therrien
joined 2009.

+++Plus many other artisans who are too shy to send me their photos!


It has been an exciting and fulfilling 30 years, and we look forward to welcoming you back for a visit during our next 30 years! 


-The artisans of Textures!