Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Call of the Wild...

Now showing at Textures Craftworks: 
The Nature of Things:
wildlife photography by
Mark Williams - the Greenbelt Guy. 
Featured through April 15, 2013.


I am so honoured to have the opportunity to display my nature photography, The Nature of Things, in the window display at Texture's Craftworks from March 25th to April 15th.  The photo greeting cards have been well received and are selling steady this past year I have been a member.  The display has given me a chance to showcase digital photo plaques and framed photography of a number of my favourite nature shots, some in large format.


My photography comes under the moniker Greenbelt Guy ( because I started shooting digital photography about 6 years ago up and down the greenbelt region of Ontario and the Niagara Biosphere covering an area from Tobermory over to Beaverton and down through the Hamilton/Niagara region.  The diversity and beauty of the wildlife and flora in this area is vast and exciting.  Waterfalls, Conservation Areas, Rivers, Parks and Forests are encouraging the return of many animals and birds.  Osprey, Eagles, Woodpeckers and Owls are but a few of the birds finding their home in Southern Ontario.



I try to find a story in each picture that the viewer can see and feel drawn in to or at the very least, show a part of wildlife that we normally don't get to see close-up.  Colours, shapes, textures and movement that needs to be capture a moment in time then displayed to the audience.




These three pictures are my favourites and went to inspire my logo:

"I am a photographer by nature" (tm)





How I got started ...

A Yellow Warbler first introduced me to nature photography.

A few years back, I left for my lunch hour, parking the car at a nearby ravine from where I was employed. There was a small stream running through it. While I was having lunch in the car and enjoying the solitude, this yellow beauty landed on my driver-side mirror, seemingly unaware of me in the car, the window was up. He would tap on the mirror with his beak or sometimes fly head first into the mirror. Wondering if he was looking for a mate or defending territory, I was curious and intrigued by this little yellow bird's tenacity. The following day I purchase my first digital camera, a Kodak with 10x Optical Zoom.

I returned to the same spot for several days and so did the Yellow Warbler entertaining me with his aeronautics and one-sided love affair with his image in the mirror. I snapped many pictures, but this one in particular (above) became my favourite as I managed to get this beautiful bird in mid-song as designated by the focused upper beak and the vibrating lower beak.

-Mark Williams - a.k.a. The Greenbelt Guy