Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Year, New You

Well, the holidays are finally over, and we are smack dab in the middle of the dog days of winter. That almost makes it sound better than it is because dogs are pretty cute for the most part, and usually a lot of fun. However, winters in Hamilton are not all that. (Is that even said by anyone anymore? I am about to turn 45, after all, so no one is accusing me of being "hip" these days - just waiting for my first "ma'am" at the grocery store).

Anyway, since the Christmas sales rush appears to have subsided and orders for new jewelry are at a minimum, it is a perfect time to think about organizing one's work space and making sure everything is where it should be before things start to pick up again.

Emma the cat has got the ball rolling for me by "reorganizing" the tub full of beads and spilling them from one end of my office to the other. An hour or two of crawling around on my hands and knees and (I think) all the beads are now picked out of the carpet.

I did start by organizing all my beads and putting things from previous projects back in their respective containers. Although it was a long and tedious task, it felt good to finally have things back with their "like" partners, rather than all dumped together in old margarine lids. I tend to put a handful of beads and findings in an upside down margarine lid as I work on a project, so I can see what different beads will look like together, but I'm not so good about putting things away when I am done. A year or two later, who knows what you've got left to work with when everything is all mixed up all over the place? So, it's good to re-organize and start again sometimes!

With cats crawling all over your work space, it's also more critical to be organized - it's annoying when they make a mess, and it can be dangerous if they tend to eat beads and other craft supplies. Ditto for children if you have those!

Cleaning up your space is also a good exercise spiritually, since it gives you a new "jumping off" point in your work and does not pose a psychic drain on you. Hard to work on new projects if there is a nagging voice in the back of your head telling you "you really should do something about that mess"!
Once that's all done, you might even feel like trying something new to expand your creative horizons. I've recently been inspired to pick up the ol' paintbrush again after 25 years or so and I tried slapping some paint on canvas. Boy am I rusty! Could use a lot more practise before tackling that 4' x 6' blank canvas that has been hanging over my sofa for the last year. Someday, though, I will have something new to replace "Polar Bear in a Snow Storm"...

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